104 стандартни клавишни комплекта с форма на анси топка
104 стандартни клавишни комплекта с форма на анси топка 104 стандартни клавишни комплекта с форма на анси топка 104 стандартни клавишни комплекта с форма на анси топка 104 стандартни клавишни комплекта с форма на анси топка 104 стандартни клавишни комплекта с форма на анси топка

104 стандартни клавишни комплекта с форма на анси топка
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Тип: Keyboard Keys & Caps

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Тези ключодържатели са с висококачествен двоен изстрел. Този PBT не е толкова лесен за смазване като нормалните.

SA профилът е шапка с форма на топка, която е по -висока от XDA DSA.
Материалът сега е около 80% PBT.

От ESC ред до Space ред, височината е R2 R2 R3 R3 R3 R3


Настолен компютър
Английски език
Стандартна клавиатура:
104 клавиша
Стил на работа:
Номер на модела:
104 \ 87 \ 61
Тип интерфейс:
Тип интерфейс:
Клавиатура в пълен размер:
Марка на тялото на оста:
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Пакетът включва:

104 стандартни ANSI Keycap набор от ключове
Само ключове в опаковката, без включена механична клавиатура


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US Genuinely And Positively Surprised By The Quality For Under $20 -- Great Job! 23 Dec 2020 08:40
US Holy Moly Is This A Great Deal. Even Though They Take About 7 Years (3weeks) To Actually Get Delivered Boy Is It Worth The Wait These Are "pbt" As I'd Assume Because They Haven't Gotten That Classic Abs Shimmer In 2 Weeks. I've Used These For Gaming And Typing And There Wasn't Much Adjustment Required Even Though The Height Difference From My Stock Keycaps Is Very Drastic. On This Keyboard I Have Normal Gateron Reds For About All Of The Keyboard, But I Have Gateron Milky Clears On Wasd And As You Can See In The Picture The Color Comes Out As Very Dull Compared To Rest Of The Keyboard, But That Is Because Of The Milky Top. This Keyboard Is A Hot Swappable Gk64 Even With The Led's Being Very Far From The Keycaps They Still Shine Bright. This Is Not A True SA Profile, But It Isn't In Any Way Terrible. The First Picture Is A Test With My Lights On And The Second Is Off. 07 Dec 2020 12:07
KR 이전에 블루옐로우 구매했었는데 알파벳 O가 약간 깨졌다고 해야되나 색칠도 벗겨져서와서 엄청 거슬렸었거든요ㅠㅠ 그래서 이번에 재주문하면서 번역기 돌려서 ㅋㅋ 큰 기대없이 메세지로 의사 전달했더니 다행히도 제가 원한대로 옐로우 O키를 다시 보내주셨더라구요! 판매자님 신경써서 피드백 잘 수용하시는 분 같아요~ 믿고 구매하세요 좋은 상품 감사합니다:) 13 Jan 2021 23:28
A***r from SOUTH KOREA
CL Fantástico!!! Totalmente Recomendado, El Vendedor Ayudo En Todo El Proceso Y Respondió A Todas Mis Dudas... Mil Gracias!!! 06 Sep 2020 08:14
P***s from CHILE
RS Excellent Keycaps,sturdy And Well Built. FedEx Shipping Was Fast, Less Than 10 Days In Total With Excellent Tracking. Ordered 2 Sets To Mix And Match Colours. The High Profile SA Is Excellent For Typing And Gaming, The Texture Of The Key Caps Is Satisfactory Also And Allows For Smooth Gliding Over The Keyboard. All Recommendations To The Seller And The Product. 08 Aug 2020 04:23
Shopper from SERBIA
CL Excellent Arrive Well Packed, Meets Described 100% Recommended. 17 Dec 2020 05:03
F***a from CHILE
BR Good Looking Keycaps And Nice Quality, But It Does Not Feel Like PBT At All. I Bet This Is ABS, But It Does Not Bother Me Since The Set Is Quite Good. 30 Dec 2020 12:24
G***e from BRAZIL
CH I Wanted To Wait A Few Months To Use This Product Before Leaving A Review. I Am Really Very Happy With These Keycaps! Honestly, The Value For Money Is Simply Unbeatable! My Keyboard Have Become Just The Way I Wanted! Great Product, I Hope They Will Soon Propose New Variants In SA Profile! This Is Definitely The Best Price For SA Profile Keycaps That I Have Been Able To Find And The Quality Is Definitely Very Good. Good For Typing And Gaming Too! Used On A GMMK TLK With Brown Switches, Just Sounds Amazing :) Great Job! 12 Nov 2020 04:39
RU Quality Cape, Thick. Immediately There Is A Difference In Comparison With ABS. Delivered To Voronezh In 3 Weeks. There Was No Normal Keyboard, Only Ck104. As The Car Arrives And I Will Complement The Review. 07 Aug 2020 12:47
Shopper from RUSSIA
RU Goods Received, All Norms! You Can Save 6,5% From Buying Through The Cashback System! Save On Each Purchase. The Link Is On The QR Code And In The Picture. 09 Nov 2020 13:24
Shopper from RUSSIA