Water-proof Compatible  Mx Switches
Water-proof Compatible  Mx Switches Water-proof Compatible  Mx Switches Water-proof Compatible  Mx Switches Water-proof Compatible  Mx Switches Water-proof Compatible  Mx Switches

Water-proof Compatible Mx Switches
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It can only be used with SMD led,can't use switch led.All box switches in our stock are new edition,won't break GMK keycap.
It can be compatible with 2x3x4mm led and 1.8mm led,however need to solder led to PCB at first,then solder switches on.3mm round can't use even you solder led before switches.
The life-time is around 80 million times which is longer than usual switches.
This switch is IP56 water-proof and dirt-proof.Has used 18k gold cross point technology which makes press feeling better.


Keyboard Standard:
Mini Keyboard 
Operation Style:
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Interface Type:
Interface Type:
Full Size keyboard:
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Key Description

Box Heavy Dark Yellow is linear switches,around 70g operating force
Box Heavy Burnt Orange is tactile not clicky,around 60g operating force
Box Heavy Pale Blue is tactile clicky,around 60g operating force
Box Navy is tactile clicky,spring force is the same as heavy pale blue,and the clicky feeling is more obvious.
Box Jade is tactile clicky,spring force is same as box white,the clicky feeling is little resistant feeling
Box Royal is tactile not clickey,actuation is around 75g,the feeling is close to Cherry clear
Box Pink is tactile cliky switches,operating force is around 55g±15gf,tactile force is around 65g±10gf
Box White is tactile clicky switches,around 45g operating force
Box Black is Linear switches,around 60g operating force
Box Red is linear switches,around 45g operating force
Box Brown is tactile switches,around 45g operating force
Crystal Jade /Navy /Pink /Royal is clear cover which is better for SMD switch RGB.Crystal switches are all 5 pin.If you only want to use 3 pin,just cut the plastic pin yourself is ok

US Very Nice Switches. Nice Click From The Pinks And Thick Clack From The Navy. 02 Dec 2020 07:20
CH I Love Them So Much. They Really Feel Fantastic Compared To Cherry Blue. I Soldered Them On My Keyboards Numpad Just Because They Feel So Great To Type On. And The Transparency Is Perfect With My Keyboard The Light Has No Trouble Passing Through 19 Aug 2020 13:04
Shopper from SWITZERLAND
RU в мою Glorious Gmmk встали очень даже хорошо! ничего не болтается в живую звучат просто отлично! намного лучше чем Cherry Blue/gateron Blue! они мне напоминают Razer Green, только у Kailh Box Pink нету Click Jacketа! крч, всем советую! 27 Aug 2020 04:15
R***b from RUSSIA
MX This Pink Switch Is Amazing!! I Think They're Even Better Than Whites. I've Been Buying From This Seller Without Any Problems At All! Thank You Very Much!! 22 Dec 2020 12:30
R***s from MEXICO
HU First The Seller Suddenly Shipped Me The Wrong Switches... BUT After That, I Contacted Him And He Responded Immediatly, After A Bit Of Chating We Agreed That He Will Send Me The Switches I Ordered Originally. He He Assured Me A New Tracing Code So I Could Track My New Package As Well. Overall The Seller Was Super Kind He Was Veary Understanding With Me. Great Seller I Can Only RECOMMEND! Looking Forward To Purchase Some More Items In The Near Future. 08 Jan 2021 02:43
L***X from HUNGARY
NL Shipped Very Quickly And Came Nicely Packaged In A Small Box Lined With Bubblewrap. Installed The Switches On My Keychron K6 Which Went Flawless. I Didn’t See Any Bended Pins. Highly Recommend Seller And Product. 05 Sep 2020 04:48
Shopper from NETHERLANDS
RU As I Ordered, 33 Crystal Pinks And 1 Usual Pink. A Shipping Was Very Fast. A Big "thanks" To YMDK. An Usual Pink A Little More Tactile Than BOX White, But Crystal Pinks Are Really A Gold Middle Of BOX Whites And BOX Jades. They're More Tactile Than Whites And Usual Pinks. 11 Dec 2020 02:58
G***r from RUSSIA
UK Work Like A Charm - 50k Clicks So Far And No Chattering Or Issues. Significantly More Satisfying To Type On Than Regular Cherry MX Blues, But Noticeably Stiffer Too. 20 Oct 2020 22:39
J***e from
UK The Switches Arrived Quickly (compared To Other Purchases On AliExpress). There Were Packaged Well So There Were No Bent Pins At All. I Like The Feel Of The Box Brown Switches, Much Smoother Than Cherry Browns. 26 Aug 2020 07:57
Shopper from
FR I Am Very Pleased With Those Kailh Box Jade Switches. One Of The Recommended Clicky Switches Out There Imo. Sent In A Box And Bubble Wrapped Around A Plastic Bag Containing The Switches. Clean Packaging. Tested Randomly For Now : All Tested Switches Work Fine. 28 Nov 2020 03:46
F***r from FRANCE