Tws 블루투스 5.0, LED 전원 디스플레이, 소음 제거, 방수, 이어 버드 헤드폰
Tws 블루투스 5.0, LED 전원 디스플레이, 소음 제거, 방수, 이어 버드 헤드폰 Tws 블루투스 5.0, LED 전원 디스플레이, 소음 제거, 방수, 이어 버드 헤드폰 Tws 블루투스 5.0, LED 전원 디스플레이, 소음 제거, 방수, 이어 버드 헤드폰 Tws 블루투스 5.0, LED 전원 디스플레이, 소음 제거, 방수, 이어 버드 헤드폰 Tws 블루투스 5.0, LED 전원 디스플레이, 소음 제거, 방수, 이어 버드 헤드폰

Tws 블루투스 5.0, LED 전원 디스플레이, 소음 제거, 방수, 이어 버드 헤드폰
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: Earphones Headphones & Headsets


$ 28.68

무선 이어폰 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Mini Earbuds Stereo Bass-LED Power Display, Noise Cancelling, 방수, Earbud In Ear Headphones.

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능동형 소음 제거 :

커뮤니케이션 :
Wireless + Wired

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스타일 :
인 이어

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기능 :
일반 헤드폰

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휴대 전화

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HiFi 헤드폰

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라인 유형

패키지 목록 :
사용자 설명서

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모델 번호 :
무선 이어 버드

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블루투스 버전 :

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지원 메모리 카드 :

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충전 방법 :
충전 케이스

자석 유형 :

기능 1 :
무선 이어 버드 블루투스 이어폰 블루투스 이어 버드 이어 버드

기능 2 :
블루투스 이어폰 이어폰 진정한 무선 이어 버드

기능 3 :
iPhone 용 노이즈 캔슬링 이어 버드 무선 이어 버드

기능 4 :
마이크가있는 이어 버드 블루투스 이어 버드 무선

기능 5 :
무선 이어 버드 헤드폰 이어 버드 무선

특징 6 :
사운드 스테레오 이어폰 헤비베이스 이어 버드 노이즈 캔슬링

기능 7 :
스포츠 블루투스 이어폰 inear 블루투스 이어 버드

기능 8 :
안드로이드 용 무선 이어폰 무선 이어 버드

특징 9 :
마이크가있는 마이크가있는 이어폰

기능 10 :
이어 버드 유선 블루투스 헤드셋 스테레오 이어폰

RU It Came Quite Quickly, Packed Well, In Pupyrki, The Color Is Beige, Charging As Seen 56%. Work Normally, With Honorom 7C Paired Normally, The Sound Is Good, Bass Is Present. For How Much Charge We Will See When Listening, Still Spare Inserts Are Present. In Short, Normal Headphones. Thanks To The Seller, You Can Order. 26 Jun 2020 11:11
V***o from RUSSIA
US My Brother Had Some Expensive Bluetooth Earbuds And I Didnt Want To Pay That Much For Something That I Could Loose Easily. Very Pleased With The Purchase. I Take These Jogging And They Stay In My Ears Well. Great Audio. Long Lasting Charge. Wide Range Bluetooth.... Great Purchase! 11 May 2020 02:46
US Sleek And Stylish. Noise Cancellation Is Very Good, But The Volume Has To Be Raised For That. I Use It During My Subway Rides To And From Work, The Noisiest Of Any Form Of Commute, And It Does A Very Good Job Of Shutting Out The Train Noise And That Of Loud Chatters. But I Have Another Make That Does A Fantastic Job Of Cutting Outside Noise. 05 May 2020 22:55
RU Packed Well, Everything Works, Thank You 26 Jun 2020 06:28
A***v from RUSSIA
US A Group Of Friends And I Travel On Our Motorcycles.This Earbud Makes It Possible To Bluetooth Through My IPhone, Wear The Earbuds With My Helmet On Or Off And Exit The Motorbike With No Interruption Of Music/sound. Sound Quality Is Crisp And Clean Unlike Other Earbuds I’ve Tried. The Pairing Is SUPER Easy, They Fit Securely In My Ears, The Sound Quality Is Exceptional, Comes With A Charging Case. I Am Exceptionally Happy And Pleased With This Purchase!!! 05 May 2020 22:52
RU The Headphones Came Quickly, 8 Days Before SPB. Packing Is Standard, The Photo Shows. The Sound Quality And Volume Are 4, For This Cost Corresponds. Turns On With The Button. 31 Jul 2020 09:11
I***v from RUSSIA
RU Cool!!! We Really Liked It. That Sounds Great. Thank You! 02 Jul 2020 06:48
L***a from RUSSIA
UA Super Fast Delivery To Ukraine In 11 Days. The Quality Is Excellent, Further Use Will Show. But I Decided To Order A Couple More Pieces For A Gift. 23 Jun 2020 04:37
*. from UKRAINE
UA The Fastest Delivery For 2 Years Of Purchase Of Goods On The AliExpress On The 10th Of The Number Issued The Order, 19 Received!!! Delivery To Pochtomat Mist Express, Which Was Also Very Convenient. The Product Fully Corresponds To The Description And Photo Of The Seller. To The Headphones There Is A Mini Cable Yusb, 2 Additional Pairs Of Ear Cups And A Cover) Headphones Were Charged For 100%, Box At 85. Connected Without Problems. For 2 Hours Of Listening To Music Sat Down To 65%. The Sound Is Good. Slightly Too Big The Headphones Themselves, Stick Out From The Ear, But Do Not Fall Out. I Will Be Happy With The Goods To See How They Will Work Further, I Will Complement The Review. 19 Jun 2020 12:25
K***o from UKRAINE
RU Headphones Are Excellent, The Sound Is Clean, Connected Easily. I Ordered A Set With A Cover, So It Immediately Wrapped Up When Washing, Or Rather, All Velvet With Him Tears)), Except For This Little Thing, The Order Is Happy. 18 Jun 2020 08:55
N***a from RUSSIA